"The Prophet '08 gets my vote for best analog poly synth... ever."

April 2008


"...the sexiest little analogue synth I've played in years."

Sound On Sound
February 2008

Evolver Desktop
Evolver Keyboard
Poly Evolver Keyboard
Prophet '08 Module


Prophet '08 PE Keyboard Synthesizer


The Prophet '08 PE (potentiometer edition) has all the features of the standard Prophet '08, but many of the front panel's rotary controls use potentiometers (AKA "pots") for more "vintage-style" control. (The standard Prophet '08 primarily uses rotary encoders. For a complete list of the Prophet '08 PE's parameters and their control type, click here.)

  • The only affordable, full-featured polysynth with a 100% analog signal path.
  • Classic, real analog sound—including legendary Curtis analog low-pass filters—married to a modern feature set.
  • Compact size, huge sound.
  • Tons of knobs for direct, real-time editing and performance.


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